Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

     All of us thrive when we feel connected to family, friends and neighbors, when we are all able to be an active part of our community. Unfortunately, as we age, too many of us become lonely or isolated and miss the opportunity to join in cultural, religious and recreational activities and make needed contributions to others.
     Cedar Seniors-a nonprofit seniors center with more than 180 members and a Board of Directors with several city and county leaders - offers a wide range of ways to get involved, meet new people or connect with old friends, and learn helpful ways to stay healthy and well. With everything from hot nutritious meals to exercise programs to health services, Cedar Seniors creates a vibrant, welcoming place for people of all ages to support one another and enrich their lives.


     In 1986, members of the community approached Ms. Betty Wright, our founder, with the idea of starting a senior center. After a meeting that gathered nearly 60 people, we rented a house on West Main Street, worked hard to get it ready and appointed a Board of Directors. We were on our way!
     With the help of volunteer donations of canned vegetables, beef and crackers, we created a first meal of warm, hearty soup and charged $1.00 a bowl, enough to help us purchase groceries for the next meal. Generous donations then helped Cedar Seniors pay our rent and donated tables, chairs, shelves for a library, and even a piano helped furnish the center.
     Holiday events, buoyed by financial contributions from local factories and businesses have helped us through. Ultimately, this sustained, community generosity made it possible for us to purchase our current building on University Avenue and establish the rich array of programs that make Cedar Seniors so special today.